Click on this link to watch a videochat with a student from McGill University who talks of the five different types of scholarships / aid and other financial assistance available to international students.

McGill is a large university with about 40,000 students. It is best known for the management major and there is a separate school for management which has it’s own funding and is kind of an independent faculty. Most people come for management. One drawback is that you cannot double major in management and some other major. However you can take a minor as well as full flexibility within the school.

The admission process to Canada is really easy compared to the US. It is largely grade based, there is no section for an essay usually just a small space to list your extra curriculars.

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Different types of scholarships available at mcgill university are :-
1. Entrance scholarship – on the basis of predicted grades – if you have a 41 or higher on the IB you get a one time $3,000. This is entirely based on grades and you do not require a separate application for this.

2. Major Entrance Scholarship – you can apply for this before going to college – this can be $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000

3. Aid – Once you get your letter, you can apply for aid and this can be upto $20,000

4. In-course scholarship – this can be applied for to the faculty. This is also in the form of aid

5. Work study program – you can get campus jobs, like working in the library, research assistant, working on the campus bars etc.

It is a four year program, but if you’ve done the AP, or the IB or A levels or the local Quebec high school system you could get enough credits to skip a full year. Unlike the other colleges in Canada e.g. Univ of Tornoto which give you credit for your higher level subjects i.e. three subjects, McGill gives you credit for both higher and standard level subects i.e. 6 subjects, which helps you skip a full year. So you can complete the program in three years.

There are three kinds of housing at mcgill university –
1. Dorm experience with shared bathrooms
2. Hotel style living – with independent rooms with private bathrooms, flat screen TV’s, coffee machine etc. – these are more expensive.
3. Apartments – with a kitchenette
You usually get your preference once you apply.

Weather is harsh. You need special jackets, four to five layers, snow boots. As compared to the rest of Canada also Montreal is very cold and you require a higher level of warmth. Leather boots do not work here, you need snow boots.

It can also get depressing since the sun sets very early. It gets gloomy and its best to sleep on time, wake up on time and go outdoors, get involved. Canada is geared up for the winter and there are concerts, carnivals and events. Keep yourself busy, don’t sit in your room. Go do things

The most interesting club in mcgill university is called five days for the homeless. People sleep outdoors in sleeping bags, and live on charity for five days and raise money for the homeless.

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