Click on this link for a chat with Shireen Moti who secured a Chevening Scholarship to pursue her masters in Law (LLM) from UK and a Human rights fellowship to study LLM at Columbia Law School. Find out how to apply to Law School, the application process for Columbia Law School, how to apply for the Human Rights fellowship at Columbia Law School, advice for law aspirants and lots more
1. Apply for the LLM admission
2. Fellowship application is supplementary
3. Eligibility criteria
a. Complete undergrad in Law
b. One year of Work experience
4. Application Material
a. Transcript
b. Statement of Rank
c. Personal Statement
d. CV / Resume
e. English Language Test Score
f. 2 recommendations
5. Personal statement
a. 750 words
b. Six parts of the personal statement
i. Background of the applicant
ii. What did you do while at law school
iii. Why do you want to do an LLM
iv. Why Columbia Law School
v. Why are you doing an LLM from Columbia Law School
vi. Future Plan
c. Maintain consistency
d. Avoid repetition
e. Break down your resume into distinct components
f. Usually there is no prompt for the personal statement
6. Two fellowships at Columbia Law School
a. Human Rights Fellowship
i. For students who have past achievements in human rights law
ii. Committed to a career in human rights law
iii. Are attending courses in Human rights law at Columbia Law School
b. Jagdish Bhagwati fellowship
i. For WTO / Trade / Multilateralism
ii. Underwritten by the Indian government
c. These cover partial tuition, full tuition and sometimes even living expenses
d. Both need based and merit based
7. Application material for the Fellowship
a. Fellowship Essay of 750 words
b. Attached with the same application
c. One of the referees must justify your suitability to the human rights fellowship
8. How to maximise their undergrad experience
a. Learn to enjoy the learning of the law and the experience of law school
b. Balance academic performance and activities and clubs
c. Filter their activities and contribute in an effective manner
d. Develop research skills, try to publish some papers
9. Advice for high school students
a. Take career counselling
b. Decide early on for the entrance exams, there are CLAT, LSAT and Symbiosis entrance test, begin early
c. Law is not a traditional profession – diverse career paths that lawyers take
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