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In this video, we will explain to you how to make the choice between giving your TOEFL or IELTS exam. Learn in detail about:

1. Why the exams are different
2. Which exam best suits you
3. How to prepare for these exams

A small Correction: The IELTS paper has now been shortened to just 3 hours. The reading section has been reduced to 54–72 minutes from 60-80 minutes. The listening section has been reduced to 41–57 minutes from 60–90 minutes and the speaking section has been reduced to 17 minutes from 20 minutes.

To understand these exams better, do check out the sample papers listed below.

IELTS Question Paper: http://bit.ly/ielts_papers
TOEFL Question Paper: http://bit.ly/Toefl_papers

You should also check this blog to know more about how to choose between IELTS vs TOEFL exam: http://bit.ly/IELTS_vs_TOEFL

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